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Teenage Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety can be brought about by stressful situations, and is the body’s reaction to times of fear.


Anxiety is the body’s way in dealing with our inability to manage our vulnerability. However, there are some occasions where this feeling takes over and takes the form of an anxiety disorder.



This kind of mood disorder, can often be overlooked or dismissed as something minor or normal, however this disorder can be debilitating for the sufferer. Feelings of anxiety can become all-consuming, preventing people from living their lives and often leaving them housebound.


What Causes Anxiety?


Anxiety is a mood disorder, it’s the body’s way of manging vulnerability, thus fear, when there is no physical way of coping. The body rejects comfort from loved ones and will only be at ease when there is a resolution to the situation causing the vulnerability. In many cases this resolution is based upon the individual’s ability to feel there is a resolution. For this reason, loved ones often cannot provide aid, as this process is based upon the sufferers perception of their vulnerability of the situation.

This not only has a massive impact on the way they feel and how they conduct their lives, but also on their families too. It can be difficult to understand what someone is feeling when they are suffering with anxiety, and even more tricky to navigate how to deal with it and the best way to help and support them.

Anxiety can come from a variety of places and is often a part of other mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders, substance abuse and insomnia. It is not a condition that can be simplified as one particular thing, as it takes a number of different forms.

Types of Anxiety


The usual form of anxiety that most of us experience is a physical emotional process that protects us from dangerous situations. It is controlled by the adrenalin hormone, the production of which is stimulated when we feel threatened. This creates a ‘fight or flight response’ that allows us to deal with whatever we are facing.

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
    Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is an intense feeling of fear or worry.


  • PTSD
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) incurs an ongoing state of anxiety that is brought on by a traumatic event such as an accident, crime or abuse.


  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
    Other anxiety patients may find that the cause of their feelings takes the form of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This is a series of irrational beliefs that relate to cleanliness, contamination and repetitive behaviour. This takes over much of the day for a sufferer and can therefore make it impossible to be relational.

Other irrational fears may come from phobias such as a fear of flying, insects or heights. Some of these phobias can be a big part of everyday life and prevent the sufferer from functioning as normal.

Residential treatment can be beneficial for anxiety sufferer, as it holds them in a safe and supportive environment while they look at the triggers and fears incurring vulnerability. Our anxiety treatment can provide a safe and supportive environment with a wide range of treatments that extend beyond typical counselling therapy.

Symptoms of Anxiety


Anxiety can take many different forms, each of which can be terrible to go through, and just as bad to observe in someone you love. There are a range of symptoms that affect young people no matter what type of anxiety they are going through.


These Include:

  • A heightened heartbeat

  • A lack of concentration

  • Shortness of breath

  • Dizzyness

  • Irrationality

  • Confusion

  • Tearfulness

  • Insomnia

  • Perspiration

You may also notice that your teenager appears to suffer from some form of restlessness or a feeling of being ‘on edge’.

They may also experience panic attacks which can be a combination of many physical symptoms that can make it feel as though you are losing control, about to faint or even on the brink of death. This is obviously a very scary moment for everyone involved and learning how to deal with these feelings can be a vital part of treatment.

Anxiety can have a massive impact on the sufferer’s life, and you may see them starting to withdraw from social contact or avoiding school, college, or work. Many of those living with anxiety eventually find it difficult to leave home.

How can Archangel Help?

Anxiety is often very hard to understand when looking at it from the outside, but the good news is that it is highly treatable. Our expertly trained team have an in-depth understanding of teenage anxiety and are perfectly placed to help you and your loved one work through it.

Addressing the Root of the Problem

We do not simply treat the symptoms of the condition; we used tried and tested techniques to find the root of the anxiety in order to identify the best way to treat it. We do this by getting to know the whole family so that we can provide a highly individualised treatment plan that can allow everyone to adopt healthy behaviours in a real-world environment.

Tailored Treatment

We tailor everything to the needs of our patients as we know each condition is as unique as the people who live with it. Our residential sanctuary offers a safe haven that allows healing to take place in a range of ways that will give your teenager the tools to cope with life.

How it Works

We understand that anxiety doesn’t just affect one person, it affects the whole family. When you feel that the time is right to seek help for someone you care about, we will be waiting for your call.

Initial Assessment


We will talk through your situation with you and assess what you need. This allows us to begin to work out a treatment plan for your loved one whilst answering any of your questions about our care.

Residential Treatment

When everyone is ready, the young person in your life can come and join us at our specialist house for teenage anxiety rehab. We never have any more than five patients at a time, allowing us to offer the dedicated levels of care that are needed. We offer one-to-one therapy, group therapy and family therapy to help you understand the problems and rebuild your connection.


We will also give your child or sibling the tools to cope with the outside world through nutrition and cookery classes, physical training sessions and farm work, as well as encouraging them to actively participate in the running of the house.

Ongoing Support

Once you are all ready to move on from the house, we will continue to offer ongoing support when life inevitably throws curveballs your way. You will always be a part of the Archangel family, and we are always here to help.