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When family life seems out of control we are here to help

Do you feel lost when seeing your loved ones do things you once could only imagine?

Let us deal with the problem and guide you through the recovery process.




When your loved one is displaying disruptive, selfish behaviour and you're feeling a sense of despair and helplessness, it's hard to know whom to talk to. Some people will judge you, others just won't understand you and some will tell you how to fix it. 


At Archangel, you can feel rest assured that we know exactly what you're going through, as we've been there ourselves.

  • Have they dropped out of school or just won't go?

  • Are they showing signs of addictive behaviour or aggression?

  • Do they sit in front of the computer all day?

  • Have they been binging on alcohol or food?

  • Do they sleep all day and get up at night?

  • Have you found drugs or suspect drug usage?

  • Do they show no empathy towards their surroundings?

We understand how chaotic and dysfunctional life can become and how difficult it is to manage work, siblings, family and friends on top of this. That's why, through therapy and treatment, we will work closely with you to get to the root of these problems.

When no one else can give you answers, you can be sure that we will. There's no need to feel ashamed or isolated anymore, as we will do everything we can to help your family function again.


What We 



Mood Disorders



Panic Attacks

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Low Self Esteem

Mountain Lake Reflection

Behavioural Problems



Violence / Anger




Anti-Social Behaviour

Above the Clouds

Adverse Experiences

Family Breakdown
Parental Separation


Physical Abuse

Emotional Trauma

Sexual Abuse

Sibling Rivalry




Whilst many places treat the symptoms of mental health problems like addiction, drug use, eating disorders, anxiety and aggression, we believe that most of these are symptoms of a core issue that needs to be addressed. That's what Archangel does.


Client assessments
We assess our clients as individuals but also as part of a family system. This means we will get to know the family too. We understand that every family dynamic is unique, so we offer highly individualised support that's flexible about the frequency, timing and depth of therapy each family receives. 


Therapy sessions
Our Clinical Team are present 24x7 in the house, and also present during everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning. This allows the clients to adopt healthy behaviours in surroundings as close to real-life as possible. 

As part of the program, parents are invited to join their loved one on a weekly basis for a family session. They also have the option to join a family program and do their own therapeutic work. 


Maximum of 5 clients
We want to make sure all of our clients get the attention they need, that's why we never have any more than 5 clients at a time.


Tailored treatments
There is no maximum length of stay so we tailor the treatment around an individual's needs. Treatment is finished when the client has learnt how to take care of themselves and knows how to apply the new skills, but also when to ask for help. Aftercare and support is part of the process and included in our programme. 


Taking care of the mind, body and soul
We strongly believe you can only be a healthy person if each part of your being is healthy. That's why we have a team of professionals who offer clients support with nutrition, physical well-being and spiritual (not religious) work like meditation.