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Teenage Depression Treatment

Depression is a mood disorder in which the sufferer will feel an overwhelming, prolonged sense of sadness that cannot be altered by a simple change.

It can impact the way in which we think, feel and behave and is incredibly hard for a parent to witness in their loved one.



The feeling of depression is often described as a dark cloud which explains the constant weight of sadness that is experienced. This type of condition is not something which can simply be snapped out of, and ranges in severity, spanning from an apathy towards life and distancing from people to sometimes reaching suicidal thoughts. 


Depression in Teenagers and Young Adults


Teenagers and young people can be particularly prone to this condition due to the significant change that they are experiencing during this time, both within their own bodies and their lives. When a young person experiences depression, it is important to treat it in the right way in order to help them feel safe and supported without judgement. 


At Archangel, we offer specialist treatment to teenagers and young adults that supports both the individual and their family in the journey through this condition.


Symptoms of Depression


When looking at the symptoms of any mental disorder, it is those who are closest to the sufferer who are likely to spot the signs that something is wrong first. Any change of mood or routine will become obvious and may start to form an unfamiliar pattern in your household, which is the point at which you may need to source some form treatment, like medication or teenage depression rehab. 

  • Withdrawal
    One of the first symptoms you may notice is a withdrawal from social activities, particularly those which were once favourites. You may also start to pick up on a sense of despair and hopelessness, as well as feeling worthless or frustrated.


  • Physical Symptoms
    Although depression is a mental condition, it is something which can create physical symptoms too. This can manifest as exhaustion and constant fatigue but can also become a whole range of unexplained aches and pains including headaches and stomach problems.


  • Lack of Motivation or Concentration
    You may also start to notice a lack of motivation and a difficulty in concentrating in different areas of life such as schoolwork, sporting activities or hobbies, and this can in turn lead to feelings of guilt or failure. There can also be significant changes to sleep patterns or appetite, and an abuse of drugs or alcohol is sometimes used as a form of self-medication.

How can Archangel Help?

No matter how severe it may seem, it is important to remember that depression is entirely treatable and lasting recovery is possible, so accessing the right support is vital. That is where Archangel can help in the form our programme for teenage depression at our treatment centre.

Finding the root of the problem

We do not work by treating the symptoms of a condition. Instead, we dig a little deeper to find the core issue at the root of the problem using a range of specialised techniques surrounding diverse childhood experiences or a form of childhood trauma. We begin by assessing each of our clients both individually and as part of the family unit so that we get to know you all properly and can put together the support that will work for you.

Tailored Depression Treatment

Our treatment is bespoke, meaning that each young person who comes to us will receive a flexibility of frequency, timing and depth of therapy to suit them and their family. There is no maximum length of stay at Archangel, so you can be sure that our treatment will not be complete until the client can apply their new skills, take care of themselves, and more importantly, know how and when to ask for help.


At Archangel we take a holistic approach to mental health drawing upon childhood trauma and diverse experiences as grounding to depressive, anxious, and addictive mental health states. Dysfunctional behaviour during upbringing is often the driving force of dysfunctional mental health states and we here at Archangel we educate in appropriacy and functional behaviours to enable and ensure teenagers and young adults know how to care for themselves. By use of therapy (group and individual), psychoeducation and behaviour support we drive change.

Family Therapy

We understand that treatment extends beyond the individual, which is why we also invite parents and siblings to join us once a week for a family day designed to help everyone involved.


Our teenage depression treatment take place at Archangel, and we never have more than five clients at a time. We treat each person as a whole, looking at body, mind and soul to encourage all round health. We have a team of experienced professionals on hand to help each client adopt healthy behaviours throughout the day as well as within our therapy sessions.

How it Works

We know that when a loved one is in turmoil, it can be hard to know what to do, which is why our admission process starts with a confidential telephone call with parents and if appropriate with your loved one.

Initial Assessment

We will assess your needs, find out what you expect from our process and ask any questions you may have. We will then instigate a general health assessment before inviting your son or daughter to come and stay with us.

One-to-One and Group Therapy

Time at Archangel is made up of one-to-one and group therapy sessions, family therapy mediation, yoga, physical training sessions, meditation, group games, a nutritional programme and active participation in the cooking, functioning and organisation of the house.

Ongoing Support

Once their time at our house is complete, we will continue to offer support through our aftercare programme, that is part of the overall package which includes weekly group therapy sessions and continuous support, so you do not have to worry about them navigating life’s obstacles alone after their time with us.

We are here to offer a safe place for any young person affected by depression to provide them with new tools to allow growth and transformation in a healthy and understanding way.