A safe place for personal growth and transformation


Learn new tools and have a deeper understanding of your humanity and authentic self.

Archangel creates the time and space to get well.




Our team understands the turmoil, chaos and pain that you are probably in, so we start off with a simple and confidential telephone conversation where we assess your own personal situation and needs. This is your chance to find out what you can expect from the Archangel programme and have any of your questions (no matter how big or small) answered.


If your loved one will not consider joining us at the house (which is often understandable), we also offer a programme for parents only. This is a great opportunity for parents to join some inspiring group sessions and one-to-ones to help them on their family's journey. If your loved one does agree to take the first step and join us, they will have to fill in a questionnaire and have a general health assessment by one of our staff. Once this has been completed, we can then admit your loved one as a resident of Archangel and they can start their journey with us.



What to


The next step

Many people come to us as we're considered the 'last resort', but we never see this as a negative thing. As a Mum or Dad, you've probably had enough, there's no communication, you feel distressed, angry, sad, in lack of control and you have no idea what the next step is. 


We can help give families a voice

We will help you realise that everything your loved one is going through is a symptom of underlying problems and we will give you the chance to rebuild your connection. After our initial assessment, we'll assess the treatment time needed for your loved one. This is usually 4 weeks but can be longer.


Whether your loved one is suffering from low worth (unable to self-esteem), self-harm, substance misuse, gaming addiction, anxiety or uncontrolled/destructive behaviour, we understand that they will arrive with a lot of emotional distress. That's why their time with us will allow them to develop a better sense of growth into a self-caring individual, encouraging them to communicate and re-engage with you as a family. 

We will also guide you on their journey to understand how you can support each other, not just at your time at Archangel, but for years to come.

What does a stay look like?
  • Daily group therapy sessions 

  • 1-1 Therapy Sessions and/or Guidance

  • Family therapy mediation

  • Therapy for parents

  • Sibling sessions

  • Yoga/Meditation

  • Gym/outdoor training sessions

  • Tai Chi classes

  • Active participation in preparing meals and organisation of the house



We understand that recovery is definitely not a quick fix and there will always be ongoing challenges that you will have to face. That's why we offer continuous assessment and a weekly aftercare program for your loved ones and also to you as parents as you all navigate through life's obstacles after completing treatment.

By learning new healthy behaviours that can be applied to everyday situations, we can provide you and your family with all the tools you need for emotional stability.

Always part of the Archangel family 

We understand that the outside world and new connections are hard to manage, so we will always be here for you with ongoing support. Once you are in, you are always part of the family.