You've taken the first big step by just being here, so well done for already doing what some parents can't find the courage to.


Like many parents we work with, you have probably been seriously affected by a fractured or broken relationship with your child. You're feeling responsible, ashamed, hopeless, helpless, in despair and trapped. You're probably carrying a lot of subconscious guilt as you feel you have failed as a parent, but the good news is... we can help you.


At Archangel, you will no longer be alone and you will get clarity on what's going on with you as well as your child. We provide therapy to parents whilst your loved one is a resident which we can facilitate in person or virtually.  We will support you and encourage you to participate in these sessions enabling you to feel informed on what's been going on and do work on yourself. We will work closely together with you and your family to help you understand trauma and mental health issues, so you will be better equipped to ensure you and your child live a much healthier life in future.