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Teenage Self-Harm Treatment

Many people often assume that self-harm is the result of a failed suicide attempt, but it is actually a very different type of behaviour.


Self-harm is the deliberate act of hurting oneself without the intent to commit suicide.



It is actually often used in an effort to avoid suicide, and it is the motivation behind the actions which are the key to explaining them. It is a difficult subject to talk about, particularly if you are in the midst of it, so it is important to approach this carefully and gently.


Self-Harming in Young People


At Archangel, we are experts in helping young people who are self-harming to establish, new and healthy coping mechanisms that allow them to understand their emotions and handle them without feeling the need to inflict pain on themselves. 


We know that when someone is self-harming, it is not just them who hurts, which is why we offer support to the whole family.

Why Do People Self-Harm?


Young people and adolescents who inflict harm on themselves are known to typically do so through cutting, poisoning and overdosing, whilst children will turn to the scratching, pinching or biting of themselves.


This kind of action is more common that you may think, particularly in young people, and it is something that usually occurs when the sufferer cannot find another way of letting certain feelings out.

  • Mental Health Problems
    A sufferer may self-harm as a result of other situations, such as bullying, or because they are suffering from mental health issues including depression, anxiety or stress.


  • Escapism
    Self-harming may also occur if the sufferer is feeling lonely, angry or looking to avoid tackling or feeling emotional pain . It can also be a form of punishment through self-hatred and can sometimes be done as a cry for help.


  • Lack of Control
    Self-harm often happens because the sufferer does not feel that they have any other way of dealing with these issues, or because they feel that they lack control of the situation or their own emotions. It can also be inflicted in order to dissociate from the emotional pain that they are experiencing.


  • Temporary Relief
    Self-harming can seem to provide temporary relief as it releases certain chemicals in the brain, but it will never solve the issues at hand and the relief will fade before long. It also carries huge risk to the health and wellbeing of the sufferer, and it is therefore important to give them other coping strategies.

Symptoms of Self-Harm


The nature of this type of mental health problem means that the sufferer is incredibly vulnerable. While they may not intend to take their own lives, their actions are dangerous and could go wrong, and it is important to seek help as soon as possible. 

There are many ways in which someone can inflict harm on themselves, and some of these methods are more visible to outsiders than others.


They may choose to burn themselves, constantly pick at scabs to prevent them from healing, pull out hair or eyelashes or eyebrows or insert objects into themselves. These symptoms may seem obvious and easy to spot, but self-harmers often become very secretive and can hide their actions for long periods of time.


They do this by wearing long sleeves or covering their legs at inappropriate times in order to hide injuries, hiding razors or other sharp objects amongst their belongings, and may have seemingly poor excuses for injuries and scars. 

You may also notice that they have difficulty handling their emotions or may struggle with relationships.

How can Archangel Help?

Self-harm is a delicate subject, and we have trained and experienced professionals who know exactly how to handle this.

They will take the time to get to know the patient and understand the underlying issues that have caused them to begin hurting themselves. This will be done in an open atmosphere without judgement in order to allow your loved one to speak honestly about their feelings in a safe place.

Specialist Residential Treatment

We never have any more than five patients in our residential house, and we offer 24-hour treatment on site. Our talking therapies will help each person to control their thoughts and emotions better and learn ways in which they can express their feelings.

Finding the Cause of the Issue

We look at any other contributing mental health conditions and offer the appropriate treatment to help your teenager work through each issue piece by piece, allowing us to form a clearer picture of their problems and allowing them to address what has been happening to them.

How it Works

If you believe someone you love is self-harming, you should first check whether they need any immediate medical help for their injuries. When it comes to healing what is happening inside, speak to our experts at the Archangel treatment centre.

Initial Assessment


We will take the time to listen to your experiences and understand what the patient is going through and in what ways they are hurting themselves. You can ask us any questions you need to about what we offer, how we care for your loved one or what form the treatment will take.

Tailored Therapy

A place in our house means they will receive dedicated care for body, mind and spirit through therapy sessions, exercise, meditation and cookery classes. This helps to establish a healthy, daily routine that many self-harm sufferers find beneficial as they begin their treatment and recovery.


We will take the time to build a therapeutic relationship with your loved-one  and talk to them in one-to-one counselling, group counselling and family counselling. This allows them to air private thoughts, hear from others about similar experiences and understand what is happening at home. We can also include family members to put them in a better position to support their loved one once they return home.

Ongoing Support

We will never send you out into the world alone and will always be on hand to support the whole family in your journey after you leave our house. We view every patient as being part of our family and we are therefore available to help when you need us.